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Websites for Learning English

Websites for Learning English

Listening, Speaking & Pronunciation
short news stories with audio files and full scripts – UK English
six minute podcasts
video clips modeling English sounds and quizzes to practice them
wonderful archive of podcasts with transcripts – UK English
excellent dictation website
song dictations
short presentations (<20 mins) on a wide variety of topics
lots of general and academic listening quizzes – US English
CNN news stories with full transcripts – US English
excellent video library with optional subtitles on all videos, and you can click on the ‘clear speech’ icon to hear the text being spoken more clearly (great for songs!)
video library where you can record your voice and compare it with the original
video listening library – listening material for all levels
learn the phonetic alphabet with quizzes and games

Grammar & Vocabulary
www.englishpage.com (excellent grammar exercises)
www.better-english.com/vocabulary.htm (esp. business vocabulary)
www.usingenglish.com/students.html (idioms & phrasal verbs)

Reading & Writing
Excellent site for practicing reading, listening and other skills
excellent site – covers grammar, punctuation, organization and style.
a variety of text/writing-basded exercises
excellent information on paragraphing, layout and organization
excellent dictation website
improve your reading speed with these helpful sites

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